Four Best Family Dining at Universal Studios Hollywood™

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Travel

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At Universal Studios Hollywood™, visitors get the opportunity to enter the world of their favorite film and television characters. For a dining experience like no other, step into one of Universal Studios Hollywood™’s restaurants and enjoy a meal straight out of the movies.

  1. Krusty Burger and Moe’s Tavern

While in Springfield USA, stop by the Simpson’s favorite burger joint, Krusty Burger. Here you can enjoy an assortment of hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Fan favorites include the Krusty Burger and the Sideshow Bob Foot Long. Order a Buzz Cola with your meal to get the authentic Springfield dining experience.

Located next door to Krusty Burger is the iconic Moe’s Tavern. Here the grown-ups can enjoy Homer’s favorite beverage, a cool glass of Duff Beer. Don’t worry, the children can join in on the fun and order a Flaming Moe. This sweet orange drink bubbles and smokes as it comes to your table.

2. Mel’s Diner
Transport your family back in time and enjoy a meal at Mel’s Diner. This throwback to the classic 1950’s American diner and drive-in features an old jukebox, vintage cars, vinyl booths and retro neon lights. Dine on classic American favorites such as burgers, onion rings and chicken fingers. Wash it all down with a cold milkshake or a tasty root beer float.

3. Gru’s Lab Cafe
For the little Minions and evil geniuses in the family, Gru’s Lab Cafe is the perfect spot for a family meal with young children. With a menu inspired by the Despicable Me films, you can order exciting dishes such as the Minion Meatball Sandwich, Dr. Nefario’s Lab Salad and El Macho’s Nachos. For those with a sweet tooth, Gru’s Lab Cafe also has a selection of Despicable Me themed desserts and beverages.

4. Three Broomsticks

Whether you are a wizard or a Muggle, all are welcome at the Three Broomsticks. The menu is a collection of British favorites including Fish and Chips, Shepard’s Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding. For a true family dining experience, order the Great Feast and share plates of BBQ spareribs, chicken, vegetables and much more.

Located at the back of the Three Broomsticks is the Hog’s Head Pub. Cheers with a mug of Butterbeer or add a delicious glass of Pumpkin Juice to your meal. The adults in the family can also enjoy a wide selection of alcoholic beverages including beer, cocktails and wine.

Dining for Everyone
Along with a wide variety of food and beverages choices, each restaurant offers gluten-free and vegetarian options. At Universal Studios Hollywood™, everyone can find a dish that they love. With a family pass at Universal Studios Hollywood™, discover the magic of movie-making and have a unique dining experience all in the same place.