What Activities Are Included in a Canoe Trip Camp

Summer camps that provide outdoor activities paired with character building activities are popular for any boy but a Canoe Trip Camp for boys from ages 7 – 16 are ideal. A great outdoor camps can be anywhere from 3 days up to twenty-five days. Find a camp that has a high number of counselors to achieve a 1 counselor to every 2 boys ratio at the camp to ensure that every campers unique needs are met. At summer camps boys learn to participate in new sports or challenge their current abilities.

Water activities can include boats, kayaks and swimming. From learning the basics in swimming that will help them all their life or learning the basics of tinkering with a boat, these skills are fine tuned in a boys summer camp. Boys in leadership positions can help with the younger ones that need a bit of coming out of a shell mentality.

Archery is another fun sport that can be practiced by the beginner, novice and the expert alike. If they have never seen a bow before they can learn the differences between recurve (long bow) and a compound bow. A novice can practice with new equipment such as releases, sites and stabilizers to test their skills. Experts in youth archery will be compete with others in their class to get the most out of their practice time.

Climbing ropes is a great outdoor activity that will test the physical limits to a boy’s athleticism. This acitivity specifically helps kids get the exercise they need while performing challenging strengths. Climbing rope ladders is one of the toughest challenges but upon getting to the obstacle it may look simple. This is a perfect example that boys can relate to for a lifetime. Climbing ladders, poles, cargo nets, rock walls and scaling a zip line are challenges that are worth the reward.

Special moments in a trusted environment at a Canoe Trip Camp can provide camaraderie, lifetime memories, and achieving physical goals that help boost self-esteem. Campers of all ages working together help boost the confidence of the younger boys and pushing them farther in activities they never knew they could do. The older boys get practice in leadership skills that they can take with them after the camp is long over.

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