3 Corporate Event Ideas to Spice Up Your B2B Event

We might as well admit it; most corporate events end up being fairly unentertaining. You can expect a selection of boring food, conventional venues, and after-parties that only lead to awkwardness or an increasingly distant feel when it comes to your brand.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many organizers for corporate events are starting to realize that there are benefits to hosting an event that is a bit more personalized and fun. This is common in B2C environments, but it’s starting to spread through the B2B world, as it should!

If you are hoping to spice things up a little at your next B2B event, we can help. We’re going to look at some innovative corporate events ideas that will get attendees active and interested while having a good time.

A Mystery Dinner

For those who are holding events in hopes of lead generation, just a fancy meal at a restaurant downtown no longer cuts the mustard. However, you can take that traditional environment and twist it, introducing a little mystery to the corporate event idea. This is definitely going to make sign-ups jump.

For those who aren’t familiar with a mystery dinner, it’s a sit-down meal where the guest list and the location are only known by the person organizing the event. The people who are invited are given dates to set aside in advance, then on the day of the event are given instructions about where they are going and who will be there. Just seeing who else is invited can be a lot of fun and lend a delightful mood to the meal.

Leave the Ballroom Behind

Changing the traditional space of an event can also add some fun to it. There are many ways to do this. Examples might include having cocktails on a rooftop with great views, offering a keynote event in a gallery that is local, and doing your breakout sessions in open air tents. These types of corporate event ideas can really boost attendance just by virtue of being different.

Unusual Dining Experiences

Do something exciting and new. Have a local roaster available to offer coffee for early morning attendees. Have an ice cream bar with crazy flavors. Bring in a culinary expert to offer something completely new. People will love it and your business will benefit from it.

More About Corporate Events

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