3 Lessons You’ll Learn in Nairobi

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Travel websites‎

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Traveling to a different country is always a bit exciting. Learning about a new place and culture is enriching. When you book your studio suites in Nairobi, you have taken the first step to getting to know more about this African city. Once you get here, though, there is so much more to learn. Here are some lessons that this beautiful city may teach you.

Lesson #1: Learn to Laugh

Getting used to life here can be a bit funny at times. You may feel like you have negotiated a great price at a street market and find out from a local you’ve been had. You have to take everything in stride and learn to laugh off the little stuff. It is actually very relaxing to take this point of view.

Lesson #2: Learn to Fit In

You’ll quickly learn that the locals don’t think of anyone as a visitor. They make you feel at home right away, treating you as if you’ve lived there your whole life. It is very easy to make friends with the people who live here and start to feel as if you really belong. Even within your studio suites in Nairobi, you’ll find people to bond with that will make this feel like home. It can make it tough to really go home at the end of your trip, but it’s an amazing experience that you’ll carry with you as you meet newcomers in your hometown in the future.

Lesson #3: Conservation Is Essential

One of the main lessons that you’ll walk away with is the importance of conservation. You’ll be exposed to some of the most beautiful and amazing creatures on the planet. Many of these animals are endangered or at risk of becoming endangered. They require our protection. In Nairobi, specifically, there are two conservation centers to help protect giraffes and orphaned elephants. Seeing these animals in their natural habitat will tug at your heart strings. You may walk away being an animal advocate even if you never have conservation a single thought before.

While there are many more lessons to be learned in this great place, Nairobi is sure to strengthen you and change you in ways you could never imagine. It is a place where life is just different but in a good way. You may find that it changes you. So, remember when you book Mvuli Suites in Nairobi that you have just signed up for an experience that can change your life.