3 Mistakes To Avoid When Booking A Yacht Rental In The USVI

One of the wonderful things for Americans is that traveling to the United States Virgin Islands (USVI) is just as easy as traveling within the continental United States. However, if Americans want to also visit the British Virgin Islands, which is certainly a recommendation when in the area, a passport will be necessary.

The very best way to see all of the beauty of this tropical paradise is to advance book a charter yacht rental in the USVI. A yacht charter will include a captain and perhaps crew depending on the size of the boat. In fact, it really becomes a floating luxury hotel that is able to take you where you want to go and provide you with top in class accommodation to enjoy for the duration of the charter.

If you are booking a charter to the USVI for the first time, there are common mistakes that are easy to make. To help ensure you don’t have any troubles, consider the following three issues to avoid.

Shopping by Price Exclusively
The top companies offering quality yacht rental in the USVI are very competitive in their pricing. Prices will vary based on the actual time you are renting the boat as well as the number of people on board.

Be very cautious about a company offering a very low price for a charter. This usually indicates a company that is inexperienced or that offers only minimal quality in both the craft and the services offered. Be careful and make sure the boat has all the accommodations you want including restrooms on board and hot showers for freshening up after a day in the water.

Booking at the Last Minute
The peak time for US travelers to the USVI is middle of December through the middle of April, but this is a year-round travel destination. Typically most of the top charters, unless they have a cancellation, will not be able to accommodate last minute charters, particularly if you want the charter for longer than a day or two.

Not Asking for References
The best charter yacht rental in the USVI will have no problem in providing references for your convenience. Remember, you can also look at independent travel review sites online by simply searching for the charter company name followed by the word “reviews”. You can also look for the business on TripAdvisor.

With top references, competitive prices and all the amenities and features you want, you will enjoy your time on the water and have a spectacular way to remember your travels.

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