A Universal Orlando Vacation Package Makes The Best Trip Ever

Universal Orlando is one of the most exciting vacation destinations in the world. And the best way to enjoy everything that Universal Orlando has to offer is by purchasing a vacation package that allows you access to all of the exciting things you want to do. Once you have purchased your vacation package there are a few things that you will want to remember to ensure that you have the most magical and unforgettable experience possible.

1. One Day is Not Enough – make sure your package includes a multi-day pass because one day just isn’t enough time to take in all the excitement and adventure at Universal Orlando. With so many amazing rides and thrilling exhibits you will want to have plenty of time to take it all in and have fun.

2. Get a Park to Park Pass – a park to park pass will allow you to also visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure. You will not want to miss this incredible park.

3. Go Early –  while the parks are usually crowded throughout the day they tend to be less so when they first open. So come early and immediately head to the most popular attractions to avoid standing in line waiting for hours. One of the busiest attractions is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Visit this part as close to the opening of the park as possible.

4. Wear the Right Clothes – Florida is known for its heat and humidity during most of the year but during the months of December and January the temperatures can get a bit cool. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the weather no matter what the temperature is going to be.

5. Wear Good Shoes – you are going to be doing a lot of walking while at Universal so it is vital that you wear a good pair of comfortable shoes to get you through the day.

6. Protect Your Skin – don’t forget to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. It won’t be much fun going on the rides if you have a sunburn. Also make sure you have sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat or baseball cap to keep the sun out of your eyes.

7. Bring a Backpack – a small bag or backpack is a great thing to bring into the park with you. Security will go through your bag before you enter the park but you can pack essentials such as bottled water, sunscreen, your camera or any extra items you might want to have in the park.

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