Adventure Awaits If You Plan For It

Life’s an adventure. We all make decisions that take us down unexpected paths, but if we’re lucky, we learn from our mistakes. The ability to reflect on our actions is the equivalent to the ability of navigating with a map and compass. Problem solving in distress is glamorized on the big screen, but in real life it’s often shrouded in anxiety and stress. It isn’t until reflection or recalling the “adventure” to friends and family that we realize we were doing something important, especially challenging or even fun. We usually don’t realize we had an adventure until we are back home or work in the safety of our routine.

A Life Without Adventure

Pressure laden situations at work teach us about ourselves and we grow stronger from everyone we encounter, but they’re not always fun. Even when we get home and recall them to our spouse, friends or family, they don’t amount to anything more than a hectic work situation with little value to anyone but you. Where are the stories that your children will tell their children? Where are the character defining stories you heard about your grandparents? For many of us, our work is all we have time for. And when we take a vacation, it’s to sit on the beach or by the pool. After an afternoon nap, it’s a trip to the buffet and maybe a show. Unfortunately, these vacations will not help to bolster your legend in your grandchildren’s minds.

Seek Adventure Out

For those who don’t sit idly by and let a vacation pass them by with every sunset and Mai Tai, we are in awe. Everyone has the Facebook friend who seems to always be summiting a mountain, camping in a storm or piloting a catamaran or navigating through rainforests and towns halfway around the world. These friends provoke head shaking disbelief and envy with every picture they post. How do they get in these situations? Where do they find these adventures?

Plan For Rain

Generally we avoid rain and consequently avoid adventure. For your next vacation, bring an umbrella. Borneo adventure tours promise to provide an unforgettable trip. Stay in the Sukau lodge, one of National Geographic’s unique ecological lodges on the planet, where you’ll sleep, shower and eat in comfort after you explore the Sukau Rainforest by boat. On Borneo adventure tours, patrons are given the opportunity to experience our planet’s most curious species in their natural habitats. Crocodiles, primates, elephants and some of the lushest rainforests in the world are just a few of the sites, sounds you’ll experience when you plan your next vacation with Borneo eco tours.

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