Cabin Rentals Near Branson, MO Share Awesome Kid-Friendly Activities

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Tours and Travels

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Branson has always been a popular tourist destination, especially for vacationers with small kids. While booking hotel rooms can be convenient, they are not suitable places to stay when you have the young ones with you. You would want to stay in a place where they’ll be free to explore without worrying about disturbing other guests. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable cabin rentals around Branson, MO that you can book.

Best of all, you can choose a Branson vacation rental home that’s located near kid-friendly attractions. With plenty of sights and activities, your family is sure to be memorable! Here are some of the most popular kid-centric adventures that your family should try.

Temporarily Leave the Comforts of Cabin Rentals Near Branson, MO, for a Bit of Wildlife

All kids love furry animals. For this reason, most family outings include zoos in their itineraries. If your Branson vacation home rental is near Shepherd of the Hills, you should definitely visit the Promised Land Zoo. Unlike other zoos, the Promised Land offers guided safari and close interactions with flying birds, live animal shows, and feeding of exotic baby animals like kangaroos, alpacas, and camels. The zoo is home to more than 50 animal species, including baboons, antelopes, zebras, and wild cats. Additionally, the curious ones will surely love petting the prairie dogs and hedgehogs.

Another kid-favorite destination around that area is the Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park. Aside from the classic petting zoo, the park also offers horseback riding through the Ozarks and an American Ninja Warrior course to get that excess energy out of your kid’s system.

For those whose cabin rental is near Eagle Rock and have brought their cars during their vacation, you can visit the zoo’s sister location. On this 120-acre drive-thru park trail, you can interact with the animals in their natural habitat. Be prepared to meet and greet elks, bison, and llamas from your car window.

Booked a Branson Vacation Home Rental Around Highway 76? Try the Track Family Fun Parks

Who doesn’t like racing? It’s fun and gets your heart pumping with each hairpin turn. If you and your youngster have an insatiable need for speed, going to the Track Family Fun Parks should be your top priority. The park offers 14different tracks to speed through on your go-karts. Its Xtreme Racing Center boasts the fastest go-karts in Branson. You can drive your go-karts at a maximum of 40mph while navigating the very curvy course. Or you can go to the Pro-Kart, which runs between 20 to 30 mph. Kids ages seven and above will love the thrill that the go-karts can give.

If go-karts are not enough to get an adrenaline rush, you and the kiddos can try the park’s Skyscraper–a tall ride (around 180 feet) that spins like a windmill at 60 mph. There’s also the 130-foot Branson Buzzsaw swing (located in Branson’s Sawmill) and the Aerodium Outdoor Flying Adventure (located outside Fritz’s Adventure). Afterward, you can head to the Branson Ferris Wheel and get to see a fantastic city view from above.

Have yet to find the child-friendly activity that you are looking for? Contact Branson Regal and get an idea of which lakefront Branson cabin rentals, luxury condos, or private homes are near locations that offer wholesome family activities. Call 1.417.203.0402 and plan the best vacation for your kids.