See the City With a Night Boat Cruise on Lake Michigan and Chicago River

Nothing captures the spirit of the city of Chicago like a cruise along the waterfront. From Navy Pier to towering skyscrapers, a cruise along Lake Michigan, and down the Chicago River, puts this magnificent city into a whole new perspective. However striking the city is during the day, it is at night when Chicago looks truly spectacular. Therefore, no visit to the city is complete without a night boat cruises in Chicago.

Night Boat Cruise in Chicago

When you’re looking for cruises, look for a premier provider of cruises along Lake Michigan and the Chicago River at any point of the day or night. During the summer months, a number of charters run, letting your family soak up the sites of the city from a completely different perspective.

However, it is truly at night when a cruise and the city itself shine. Starting from a dock on the Chicago River, your boat sails towards the Lake, passing such landmarks as the Wrigley Building and NBC Tower along the way. When you reach Lake Michigan, the boat does a large loop, letting you and your family see everything from Buckingham Fountain to the John Hancock Building, all before returning to port.

Best of all, night cruises are family-friendly — everyone gets a glow stick, and everyone has a great time!

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Don’t leave your plans to the whims of an internet search for “night boat cruises in Chicago.” Instead, go with a provider who has been a leader in family-oriented boat cruises of the Chicago waterfront for more than 85 years. Learn more about Mercury, Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline on their website today.

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