Sunny, Safe Rides To View Chicago’s Famous Lakefront From A Different Angle

People come from all over the world to experience signature elements of Chicago such as its deep-dish pizza, blues music, and famous festivals. The extraordinary lake view is a two-way street Chicago Lake Michigan boat rides allow you to see both sides of. Whether you are a tourist or resident, this excursion shows you the city from a whole different angle.

Safe and Serene

Skyline viewing venues are often crowded bars or rooftops with expensive drinks and concessions. Recently popular helicopter tours for aerial views are dangerous, expensive, and complicated. For decades, family-owned Chicago Lake Michigan boat rides have given people the same spectacular skyline show across tranquil waters. These cruises are hassle-free, affordable, and ideal for group events.

Perfect Spring and Summer Getaway

Chicago has world-class dining, museums, and shopping people travel around the globe to find in top urban destinations. However, few metropolises offer exquisite waterways to relax from all the inland excitement. Combine the cosmopolitan experience with resort-like leisure when your Chicago beach visit includes blue waters, peaceful waves, and sunny skies.

Fun, Informative Tour Guides

Toss aside those bulky, crinkly tourist pamphlets most find hard to decode and keep up with. Simply relax as lively, professional tour guides point out Chicago’s famous attractions and narrate the city’s history. They know how to encourage safe practices onboard, answer questions, and show you a memorable time.

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