Use Helicopter Flight Services New York for Your Next Event

by | Oct 24, 2014 | Travel

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An event in NYC is almost always a spectacle. A night out to a show or to check out the latest club is cause to dress up like the celebrities and maybe even spot one of them at your location. It’s exciting and fun and makes the ordinary seem extraordinary. A big event is even better. Next time you plan a special occasion in the city, use helicopter flight services New York to make it spectacular. You can arrange a tour, a transport, an arrival, or a charter flight to turn that special day into one that you and your guests will never forget.

A Variety of Flight Services
Helicopter flight services New York are vast and versatile so that you can choose the best way to include them in your itinerary. There is no end to the possibilities!
* Arrange an airport transfer for honored guests or colleagues and give them a proper introduction to NYC. They’ll bypass the traffic and get to see the city from above.
* A charter flight before or after your event for you and a special someone can be the perfect addition to a beautiful evening. Arrive at your destination with a flourish or make a grand exit and fly off to someplace special at the end of the night.
* Helicopter tours are a great way to show your family members or friends the sights of the city like they’ve never seen them before. Whether they’re native New Yorkers or they’ve never seen the city, they’ll get to see the skyline and all of the famous spots in the city with a bird’s eye view.
* Fashionably late is one thing but add NYC traffic to that and you may end up arriving just before dessert if you’re not careful. Traveling by helicopter allows you to go above that traffic and get where you’re going on time.

You can use flight services for a pre-arranged tour of the city or to make your own adventure by calling and booking; it’s that easy. The VIP treatment can be no hassle and affordable and you’ll get a view like you’ve never seen before.

Enjoy Your Ride
Whether your event is for business or pleasure, helicopter flight services New York will help you take away the chaos and add flair every time. Your guests will remember it, your family will love it, and your friends and colleagues will be impressed by your creativity. The pilots at New York Helicopter are committed to making your event into a spectacular affair with ease. Their expert skills and safety records will give you reason to rest assure, day or night and for any season. Rise above the city and enjoy the ride!