Bar or Pub-You Choose

Many people wonder if there is a difference between a pub and a bar. Well, much to their surprise, there are some significant differences. When you want to go out with friends or family, you should know a little bit about where you’re headed. If you’re trying to decide where to go, you might want to consider whom you’re going with. This is important if you do not want to ride around trying to find a place that is going to suit the taste of the majority in your group. Here are some things to consider when deciding, if a bar or pub is best for your group.


A pub or Public House is where locals in a certain community often go to drink drinks alcohol. Pubs offer a variety of beers and wine. The menus generally offer full entrees and often include salads, appetizers and soups. What you are offered at most pubs is much like a normal dining experience. Such an establishment is either privately owned or owned by a brewery. The ambience is usually reminiscent of something you would find in Ireland or a British town. Pubs are often found within a community environment. In most instances, a patron has to be at least 18 or 21 before entering. So, when you want the feeling of being among friends and family, a pub may just be the best choice for you.


There are different types of bars, such as, sports bars, karaoke bars, singles bars, topless bars and the list goes on. Here is where you’ll find a large selection of liquor and cocktails. Wine and beer are also sold at bars. The bar menu offers far less than a pub. The typical things you’ll find on a bar menu are wings, burgers and pizza. You will often find bars in the city centre. The type of clientele a bar receives, is determined by the type of lighting, bar design and the entertainment offered. You will often see the same people frequenting different bars all in one night. These types of people are bar hoppers. The environment is often, much louder than a pub and offers live entertainment and sometimes, even a dance floor. You will typically find a lot of younger people in bars. When they enter the college, this becomes a part of their social scene.

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