A Borneo Travel Agency Can Direct You to Some Interesting Sites

Most of the tours that reach the island of Borneo are eco-tours, which translates in the travel industry to rainforest excursions. Borneo, which is home to a diverse array of flowers and vegetation, is buffeted by monsoon rains from October to March. So, if you want to visit the paradise when it is not raining, most travel experts recommend travel from April to September.

The World’s Third Largest Island

The third largest island in the world, Borneo is only smaller than Greenland and New Guinea, which come in first and second, respectively. Located in the West mid-Pacific, Borneo once was a secluded land until the arrival of the Portuguese and Spanish in the 1500s. After the British and Dutch arrived, the island was officially put on the map. In 1949, Indonesia was officially declared a foreign state, and by 1957, Malaysia, which makes up a large part of the island, gained its independence.

You can find out more about the travel destination and its sites and attractions by visiting a Borneo travel agency online. The travel getaway is about three times the size of the US state of Texas and its sites and attractions are part of a montane landscape.

Hiking Mt. Kinabalu

One of the highlights of any Borneo trip is a hike up the largest peak, Mt. Kinabalu. The mountain, which is situated in Sabah, is the tallest incline in all of Southeast Asia. If you choose to spend your time climbing the peak, you will be met with an impressive jaunt through jungle scenery, leading you to an ultimately awesome view. Some guides have climbed the mountain over 1,000 times.

If you wish to climb the peak, it is best to arrange the climb with a Borneo travel agency. Doing so will assist in your trip-planning and make navigating the mountain more enjoyable too.

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