A Helicopter Tour Over NYC for Your Wedding or Honeymoon

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Travel

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One of the parts of planning your wedding is the decision about how you will leave and depart from the reception. After you’re married, you can take a romantic helicopter tour over NYC for a special moment with your spouse before the reception. Give your big day a grand entrance or exit with a helicopter!

A Unique Part of Your Wedding Day
You’ll get an amazing view and the shock and awed looks on the faces of your guests when you depart or arrive in a helicopter on your wedding day. Imagine flying over the traffic of the city to your reception with your new spouse in the seat next to you.

  • You’ll feel like you’re the only two people in the world when you’re seeing the sights from above the city after your wedding ceremony. Start off your new life by looking the Statue of Liberty in the eye and getting a bird’s eye view of Central Park.
  • When you arrive home from your honeymoon, use a helicopter for your airport transfer back into Manhattan and end your trip with a relaxing ride home.
  • You’ll bypass the traffic of the city and feel like the entire place is yours to own when you include a helicopter tour in your wedding plan. There’s no better way to begin your life with your new spouse!
  • Fly your family and friends from the airport on a helicopter with a convenient air transport. Their travel time will be cut considerably, and they’ll get the VIP treatment with the ultra-scenic route into the city.
  • Arrive at your ceremony by helicopter and give your spouse the thrill of a lifetime. They’ll never expect your grand entrance to the venue, and you’ll look like royalty when you watch it on your wedding video.
  • After your wedding, give visiting friends and family a helicopter tour and show them the city in the most beautiful way possible. You’ll be able to fit a tour into every budget and schedule, and your guests will get to see all the sights no matter how full their itinerary may be while they’re in town.

Your big day is all about unforgettable memories, and what better way to make them than by taking a romantic helicopter tour over NYC to commemorate the start of married life? That special moment in the sky will be one to tell your friends and family about for generations.

Tour the City in Luxury
Including a helicopter tour in your wedding plan is easy. Friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help you make it happen without any hassle. The experienced pilots with excellent safety records at New York Helicopter are committed to making any helicopter tour that you include in your special day a memorable one.