Benefits of a Helicopter Airport Shuttle in New York

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Vacation

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Airplanes used to be considered the most romantic and exciting way to travel, but now the airplane has become more familiar. Many people take trips multiple times per year for pleasure and business, allowing for flights coming and going at all hours in places like New York. These people will usually want an airport shuttle, which is a mode of transportation to and from the airport.

Whether you want to be picked up or be dropped off, you can catch a helicopter that will take you to the airport or back close to your home easily and quickly, and this has many benefits.

Saving Time

Everyone is busy and needs to save time wherever possible and everyone knows going to the airport will take almost an entire day to get through security and get to your flight area in New York. Using a shuttle is an excellent way to save a little time. You can be picked up almost anywhere there is a helipad, though you will want to confirm with the helicopter company to ensure they have permission to drop there.

Because you are flying high above everything, you won’t be stuck in traffic, which is a big time saver. A helicopter can generally get from one place to another within minutes instead of hours, allowing you a little more time to get packed and get ready to go.

No Traffic or Driving

If you live in New York, you probably tend to use the subway or live close enough that you can walk to places you need to go. However, if you need to get to the airport, this will require driving or hiring someone to drive you. Driving has many problems associated with it, including finding a place to park and leave your vehicle and entering a lot of dangerous traffic. Even using a taxi or limo service will still require you to be at the mercy of the traffic, which is notorious for being bad in large cities.

With an airport shuttle, you can safely get to and from your flight without having to worry about traffic accidents and wasting time.

Luggage Allowed

Most helicopters will allow luggage up to a certain amount. Each helicopter airport shuttle is different, so you will need to find out how much luggage they allow. Most people don’t consider the fact they can take their luggage on a helicopter, so they ignore this wonderful mode of transport.