The Nairobi Home Away From Home Experience

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Travel and Tourism

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If you find yourself getting to go to Nairobi for business, consider an extended stay in one of the furnished apartments in Westlands. It’s good to have a place to return to after a long day, one that feels like your home away from home and is filled with amenities to help you relax. You can find luxury apartments that have great facilities and easy access to the city for an enjoyable and entertaining nightlife after a hard day of work.

The Little Extras That Make a Big Difference

Besides the great accommodations, it’s the little things that create the best experience, like workout facilities, parking, internet and safety. There are luxury apartments that have great health clubs where you can get all the exercise you need on modern equipment so you can keep up your daily routine while away. Many provide convenient parking, especially if you have to meet for business elsewhere or want to access the city for recreation later. Practically any business trip requires constant internet access and that’s usually a standard feature at these apartments. Of utmost importance is the feeling of safety when you are traveling. There are apartments that are extra diligent in providing a protective environment for their guests.

The Meeting Next Door

These apartments can be great resources for holding your own meetings and conferences right there on the property. With conference rooms that can hold large numbers, options for catering services for all day meetings and the hardware and internet access needed to accomplish every task, what could be more convenient? Work diligently all day in the comfort of a professional conference room and then reach the privacy of your own room within minutes of quitting for the day.

The Fun Part of the Business

For after work, some furnished apartments in Westlands offer taxi service or local information so you can go enjoy the nightlife in one of the many restaurants or nightclubs available in Westlands. There’s a casino, mall and even some western bars to accommodate all the ways you would like to wind down. If you have an extra day or two to see the sights, Nairobi has so much to offer. There are safaris, national parks and even city tours.

The next time you are planning a business trip, consider Nairobi. If you find yourself fortunate enough to be conducting business there, check out all of the great benefits of staying at a Andrews Apartments for comfort and convenience. Westlands has so much to offer both day and night for business and pleasure.