Tips for What to Wear on a Long Beach Vacation

You’ve book your stay for a week at one of the area’s Long Beach Hotels, now you’re looking to pack for your stay. Since you are headed to the beach, packing should actually be a breeze. Keeping that in mind, read on below for a few of the top tips on what to wear on a Long Beach vacation.

Flip-Flops and Sandals

You can’t go wrong with flip-flops and sandals. Whether you’re out on the beach or lazing by the pool at the area’s Long Beach hotels, these types of shoes work well for both. You do need to make sure that you take a pair of heels or some comfortable sneakers for nights out on the town or so that you will be comfortable shopping for the souvenirs you are sure to want to take home with you.

Shorts and Bathing Suits

Of course, you already know that you’re going to need a couple of bathing suits for your week-long stay. You also need a few pairs of shorts and some tops so that you won’t be in a bathing suit for the whole trip. It’s a good idea to bring a beach cover up as well for when the sun on the beach or by the pool gets a little much and you need some added protection.

For the Nightlife

No one is going to be in Long Beach for long without getting in some kind of action on the nightlife scene. There isn’t much difference between beach wear and nightlife wear here, but you might want to pack clothes that aren’t quite as casual.

These are just a few tips for what to wear on a weeklong vacation in Long Beach. To book your hotel accommodations make sure to contact Hotel Current today.

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