Treat yourself to a villa in the British Virgin Islands

Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands (BVI), is the quintessential Caribbean getaway. It’s a tropical island, so you know that you’ll have year-round temperate weather, and probably a warm ocean in which to bathe. Then picture white beaches and rustling palm trees and your idyllic destination is complete. The island is fairly hilly, and is covered in lush vegetation, so you’ll also be surrounded by verdant trees, exotic flowers, and brightly colored birds wreathed in song. It’s like a Disney World adaptation of perfection.

How to plan a holiday to the BVI

Being an island, there are only two ways to reach the BVI – by sea or by air. There is an airport, and several flights arrive on a daily basis. Also, cruise ships visit regularly in the summer. Although this tropical paradise is exquisite, it isn’t yet as popular as some of the other Caribbean islands, and this hidden secret means that you have a wonderfully laid-back and authentic experience when you visit. You’ll truly be able to blend in with local life, and will be able to believe that you belong in this beautiful spot. The people are warm and friendly and you’ll always be able to find a seat at a restaurant or a beach that isn’t utterly over-crowded.

Where to stay – what to do

What those who return the islands love most is to hire villas in the BVI, rather than staying in a hotel. There are many beautiful homes to choose from. All are extremely well-appointed and have great views. Tropical homes are designed for easy living, so expect doors that open wide onto flower-filled gardens, and large patios on which to relax. Some villas have air-conditioning, while others rely on the ceiling fans so reminiscent of these warmer climes.

Being an island, you can indulge in numerous watersports if you’re feeling active. The water is magnificently clear, so your visibility for either snorkeling or diving will be excellent. There are boats to hire and numerous nearby islands that can be visited. Also, the hills provide for several hiking trails, and you can get lost in the belief that you’re Robinson Crusoe, exploring this remote destination with all the excitement of a castaway.

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