Visiting a Well-Known Viewing Platform During Your Trip to the City

Chicago welcomes millions of tourists from around the world each year. People who flock to this city often make it a priority to visit some of its most interesting and captivating landmarks. These sites provide hours of entertainment and education to people who are not from the Windy City.

The observation platform in Chicago is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. You can add this site to your itinerary by knowing where to find it and how to get tickets for a ride to the 360-degree platform above the city.

Ordering Tickets

Because the observation platform in Chicago is such a major draw for tourists, people often wait in line for hours for a ride to the top of the exhibit. The platform is located dozens of stories above the street level. It provides a panoramic view of Chicago, a sight that is unlike any other that you could find in the area.

The people in line generally are waiting to buy general admission tickets for themselves and their families or friends. However, it is possible to buy a reserve, advanced tickets to bump yourself to the head of the line and avoid waiting. You can secure these advance tickets online several days or weeks in advance of your trip.

Finding the 360 Platform

If you are not from Chicago, you may not know exactly how to get to the 360 platform. To get to it the fastest and easiest way, you can hire a shuttle service from the airport or your hotel to take you and your family there. Many local shuttle services drive tourists to and from the platform every day.

You can find out more about the 360 platform online. Contact 360 Chicago today at to buy tickets and learn more about the landmark.

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